Tree of Life combines the effectiveness of plants and their perfect affinity with the skin in 6 skincare ranges. 


Each ingredient is used for a specific need and skin type:

- NEEM: for anti-acne purification.

- MARACUJA: for anti-aging action

- COFFEE: for a firmer figure

- CHARCOAL: For a spotless and even complexion

- COCOA BUTTER: For Dry Skin and Stretch Marks

- SHEA BUTTER: For Sensitive Skins


We also carry a range of FACE MASKS and BEAUTY OILS.





In addition to our Skin Care ranges, we offer to our customers the 

benefits of herbal beauty products in a hair range made with MARULA OIL, for Strong and Fast Growing Hair.




We believe beauty is nourished from the inside out, so we provide you with the best NUTRITION SUPPLEMENTS and HERBAL TEAS that nature has created for us.

Discover and download our PDF catalogue here.

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